Monday, June 9, 2014

Work In Progress

So this past Saturday was hobby/ craft night at the girlfriend's. I was able to test out my wet pallet I built Saturday afternoon.....very happy with it. While my girlfriend was making on her crafting, I worked on my FRRM figures.

Group shot of Paint in Progress.

Female Metro 1 of 2

Female 4 eme de Chasseurs with ADHL and Male Metro

Male Dozer with Traktor Mul Device and Female Dozer with Akrylat- Kanone. I went with red vests because that is what modern US Navy deck crews wear for EOD,/ Crash and Salvage crews/ Ordance wear.

Plus I cleaned 27 of my 45 of my Secret Weapon bases.

I also built my Anaconda last pics.

I plan on working on my Loup-Garous shortly as they will be my forces on a regular basis along with a lot of Metros and Jacques Bruant.

I need to build my 150 pt refresher army but I think I figured it out.......Now Entropomancer needs to get Raver J to buy his Infinity army.

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