Sunday, June 8, 2014

Blog! now with regular posts! (seriously this time, I promise)

Hello Everyone, Entropomancer here with hopefully  regular updates!

With the advent of 7th, my group's interest in 40k has waned, severely, the rules don't seem so bad, but the 2 year cycle seemed unwarranted and a little "kooky". It's not even the cost for me, but having to learn an adjusted rule set so soon is kinda odd.
And with the first company data slate, not needing the space marine codex for anything, (seriously, it has all the stats, load outs upgrades, and the chapter tactics for the formations including Lysander!) seems odd.

Anyway, we as a group have been reinfected with the infinity bug, but alas our usual store for infinity no longer has tables for the public.
So it is time to make terrain for ourselves!
War has spent a good chunk of change on some plast craft terrain, and will make a post about his time with building it. I am still looking at what I want to do for a table. I am torn between an Arab town, or a east African slum.( I think War is doing an Adrianan slum)
Since the rest of our group does not have the stomach or wallet for terrain, (kids, lack of employment, etc etc) It is up to me and War to populate our battlefields.
But today, I am here to show you my OK painting skills!
My only army for Infinity as of right now (other than 3 Bolts) is Qapu Khalqi so, time for the tour

This is my current wip a sekban box, A kaplan box, druze spitfire, a djanbazan hacker, a nasmat, and an Iguana

 The Kaplan team. the one on the far right is the single blister, not sure on the black for the armor
 Druze shock team, I liking the color scheme, but I need to do some work to get them to match the new bases, damn rocks!

Sekban, the one in the middle is the target color scheme

Comments? Questions? Death threats? get in line.

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