Friday, January 20, 2017

Lost password, Back again

Hello all, sorry about the lack of posts, life and forgetting my password can do that.

But I hope to post more often since my new jobs web filter is very strict (I can post but not view my blog, weird eh?)

I have let go of my Iron Hands for the time being (was not feeling it for 40k but will eventually build them for 30K)
in the time that has passed my collection has changed, a lot.
I now have:
Iron Warriors (30k)
Thousand Sons (40k)
Iron Warriors (40k)
Tyranids (40k)
Genestealer Cults (40k)
Death (AoS)
Yu Jing
Will post collections shortly

Questions, comments, death threats? get in line.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Kill! Maim! Burn!

In my almpst twenty years in the hobby,I've owned each iteration of Khârn the betrayer, and the new plastic kit is no exception.

It's hard to describe how chock full of details the model is, from the treads of his boots incorporating Khorne's rune to the butcher's nails entering his helmet.

 While he's in progress, the idea is that the red of his armor is the blood of ten thousand years of slaughter.
 I started by painting his armour white, with the pauldron being painted blue, as that was the world eaters' colors prior to their fall to Khorne.

I painted a couple layers of soulstone red, and blocked out the rest of the colors, and now he needs a layer of reikland fleshshade.
His armor will get gloss fleshshade, and his arm and the bone sections will get the matte fleshshade.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

The new white dwarf

It's been a couple weeks, and I've had time to read it cover to cover a couple times, and I have to say I like the new white dwarf.

It does help that the issue came with a slaughterpriest model, which I'm turning into a world eaters chaos lord with combi-bolter and black mace.

In addition to free models, we got a but tonne of new rules for the various boxed games they have been producing m a battle report, and blanchitsu.

It's as if they listened to feedback, took the best of previous incarnations,  added the best of warhammer: visions, and the best of the weekly white dwarf.

Monday, August 15, 2016

The stuff I've been up to

As war009 said, we've all been busy, and are now getting back into hobby stuff.

I now have a growing Nurgle army for age of sigmar, both daemons and rotbringers. The blightkings are meant to be a "if Nurgle made stormcast eternals," where my plaguebearers have blightkings/heralds as unit leaders, with a herald made from a blightking modek,

 Heres one band of the four bands of putrid blightkings
Here's my mortal contingent, a blightguard plus a rotbringer sorcerer.

My lord of plagues flanked by two rotbringer sorcerers

A blightlord based on bloab rotspawned

And here are parts of my daemon contingent

Here's my herald of Nurgle, since there's a 40k formation using a herald and an obscene amount of nurglings, I figured I'd make a shepard...

Here's my daemon prince

I made a plagueridden from gutrot spume, and his plaguebearers all have limbs replaced by tentacles.

The other major project is getting a start on my IX legion force.

I have bitz and a copy of betrayal at calth in the mail, I made a vigilator from the thirtieth anniversary marine, anbd I have my first of three contemptors, Balthazar the bringer of death, built/converted.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Transmission inbound

+++Establishing Link....
++Servitor Φ-264 has connected to Terminal Σ221
++Servitor Φ-89A has connected to Terminal Ω79


*hissing electronics and vox feedback*

+++Image File Inloading+++

"Welcome, Commander, to the Khymara Sub-Sector. If we had thought times were hard for the Imperium of Man due to the Thirteenth Black Crusade, then we knew nothing of what has lurked in the shadows for us here. The Kymara sub-sector lies in the Western Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum and sits along the Malestrom. Such a thing has given it great prosperity and great danger, as such things are seen throughout the galaxy.”

"Currently we have been unable to regain contact with one of our Imperial Mining Stations, Alpha -67c on Kymara. Imperium forces only control four systems out of the eight within the sub-sector. The sub-sector capitol of Josufa, which is positioned in the center and has had a shaky foothold throughout the last century, but that could be lost.”

"Reports have been flooding in for the past decade now on new dangers. The Xenos and Renegade threats have been growing in number and daring, moving out further and more aggressively from various locations. We are afraid one our worlds might become a xenos or renegade vile nest. Aid from several Adeptus Astartes Chapters has been requested in an attempt to assist in exterminating these xenos and renegade threats.”

"The last Adeptus Arbites Patrol sent to Kymara in an attempt to regain contact with Alpha-67c has not reported in -- much like the previous 6 such patrols. The Sub-Sector Adeptus Arbites Precinct has filed several more complaints with the Administratum, protesting the lack of initiative on the sub-sector Governor's part to look further into the issue. The old legends about there being several technologically advanced xenos and renegades within the area continue to dissuade their desire to reach them. The local Ecclesiarch has already sent a report via channels to the Inquisition, requesting advice and help in this heretical matter.”

"Much is happening beneath the surface events however, Commander. I can feel it. I can only hope that with your arrival that the Imperium of Man will emerge victorious...even through it is against training to entertain doubt, I feel worried. Things are happening within the sub-sector and for all I know, things will not be brighter on the other side."


Thursday, April 7, 2016

Update time....

So....almost a year no posts.....

So its been crazy past few months for all of us at Entropic Reaper and Metal Head Armory...

All of  us have a room full of models and little to no time between Work, families, and other hobbies.

So What is New with me:

1- So besides dealing with family issues and personal issues I joined the my local 501st Legion and have been attending charity events as a Tie Fighter pilot......that takes a lot of time up especially with the Eps VII coming out and the people wanting us out there but it is a lot of fun....

2- Started getting rid of/ selling  models for my HH Imperial Fists or 40k stuff I was not going to finish....Like 100 Crimson Fist Terminators....of course this was before I bought my BoC by a month

3- 30k Bought 2 boxes of Betrayal of Calth plus a few other models a few months ago to build a HH Word Bearers army..... 0 models built....

4- Dropzone Commander.......bought, built time

5- Necromunda......Started working on my Cawdor gang...ended of selling/ trading some my other gangs. My Cawdor/ Redemptionist went from @ 25 models to Cawdor alone being 52 models and Redemptionist @ 25 models....

6- Infinity.....Human Sphere N3 coming out.....damn you.....My MRRF is now being repainted..or of the 2 only to find out no update for the MRRF....

7- Sisters of update, no new models, nothing at all.....but planing on repainting them for the 6th time (I think)....

7- Angels of Death Supplement.....damn you GW.....just damn you

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Pre Order......Fail

So I preordered the New Space Marine Dex once the pre order went live. Entropmancer  didn't. Guess who got his Dex first.....not me. WTF

I thought that was the point of GET IT EARLY...Entropmancer walked into a store saturday and picked his up. Mine was mailed Friday and I got it TODAY......WTF

 Now granted I did order more than the Codex and the Data Cards but  Crimson/Imperial Fist stuff was in stock. I did get 2 Tactical marine buttons.....

1st impressions: it is a big codex with some great images some ok images/ reused images and some WTF is that images....

Overall 1st impressions is good but need more time to look at it.

If you travel over to There is only the Emperor you will see stuff from workbench for the new Codex