Wednesday, June 11, 2014

I have a problem.........

As a miniature gamer I know my painting skills. But of late Infinity has really really really tested my patience.  I know I can paint better than I have been lately. But I look at my FRRM figures and then look at my Sisters of Battle or my Crimson Fists I have done and I try to figure what am I am doing wrong. With my 40K models I can spend hours doing all the basics and be happy, Infinity I spend hours and then they are dipped in finger nail polish remover. With that said my FRRM figures are back to bare pewter or blue primer....I'm redoing them all but I think I am going green and tan or Green for my figures like so:

with my bases changing  it will go more woodland bases. My Loup-Garous figure into my army building style greatly along with Metros so they will be the first to get painted. This time it will be working on my 125/150 lists...

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  1. Couple of thoughts: for technique, follow Gurney Halleck's advice on knife fighting, the artistry lies in the edge. Infinitys models really take well to being painted with the edge of the brush. On colors, use float medium to get subtle shading, and try counter intuitive shade colors. For example, lavender/purple for green, blue over red, etc. I hope that helps.