Saturday, June 7, 2014

What's on my desk

I'd normally post a picture here.....but I really need to organize my room to get back to working at my desk...

So what is on my desk? Well  I am going to start here as a Weekly/ Bi Weekly/ Monthly (hopefully not that long of time)  of projects I have been working on as time permits.

So this week I would like to say I accomplished a lot.....I painted 2 figures....3 times. That's right I painted Senor Massacre and my Alguaciles Hacker from the Corregidor Starter. Unfortunately Senor Massacre was painted twice to look like Marvel Comics Dead Pool:

and I was unhappy with both attempts so both were stripped. 

Fortunately my order from Miniature Market that I was exchanging arrived.  A few weeks ago I ordered Secret Weapon Miniatures bases from them and upon arrival I realized: 

1 I ordered Warmachine Style urban 40mm bases but need the GW/ Infinity style beveled bases. 
2 They sent me 25mm Trench warfare bases instead of the 25mm urban I ordered. 

After notifying of them of the issues I had a prepaid label to exchange all the items including my mistake. Now I have the proper bases for my Merovingian (FRRM). So with their bases now I will be working on My FRRM later today. I plan to clean and paint the bases, attach magnets to them, and attach Antenocitis Workshop Compass Bars to them.

Also I will be testing out my new tool:

Wet Pallet. 

If you wanna buy one Privateer Press has one for MSRP of $19.99 

Now mine was built following the instructions of Tom from Maya Cast on the 2nd Episode of Tom and Kip's podcast. Item needs for my version: Paper towels (3-6 pieces), Parchment Paper (I paid under $5.00 for 15 in x 50ft), Sandwich sized tupperware with a flat lid (I paid under $5.00 for mine), and painters tape.

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