Sunday, April 20, 2014

eBooks and me.......

So I think I have a problem.......or I'm just cheap.

and I can trace my problems to one thing.....

When Black Library Released the Adepta Sororitas book I thought its just the one.....(Yes I did pre order it)

Then they released this book:

Which I pre ordered this book too. And thought well I'm done now....

SO WRONG on my of today here is my eBook collection:

 short story takes place before "One Hate" from Heroes of the Space Marines .

 yes I have the Print and digital copies

Short Story Post Rynn's World following Kantor

 Short Story post Rynn's World Following Sgt Grimm

 Heresy Story about Alexis Polux

Codexes, Data Slates and Supplements:


So I was not a fan or the ebooks, supplements, Codex, dataslate at first. But obviously they have grown on me. I still need to pick up the Knight codex and if they EVER release the Scions book I will get that one too. Debating on getting the Space Marines, Escalation,  and Main Rulebook as it is nice having all my books on my tablet. 

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