Sunday, April 20, 2014

Do it yer damned self....

Short but sweet post this time. I have previously mentioned that I am on a shoestring budget right now, and that this means that I have had to alter my habits. One of the areas that has been affected is paints. The good stuff is pricey, and the cheap stuff doesn't have any options for glazes or washes. However, the brokeass hobbyist can overcome this. The first step is to never throw out your paint pots. If you clean them out, you can reuse them for custom colors, washes and glazes. another advantage of reusing paint pots is that you can use cheaper bulk paint and still keep them portable. The nest step is to invest in painting medium. if you mix it with a small quantity of paint you can turn it into a wash or a glaze, depending on how much paint you use. If you can't afford medium, you can alsouse water, but you won't get as good a control on the consistency, and yow will get a wash that acts like a glaze, meaning that you might have to use more layers to get the shading effect you want from a wash.

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