Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oath of the Moment part 5

So was planning on getting more done this week but was busy with other projects.......but final got around to building some today before taking a break.

Once I get back to it I plan to start building the drop pods as they have to built in sub assemblies as the kit I started earlier.

I bring to you Techmarine Metcalf

or as his squadron mates refer to him by his Callsign Viper. Viper is one of the more elite pilots of the Crimson Fists and as the perk gets to fly around in one of modified Storm Talons the chapter received Post Rynn's World Disaster. Viper is currently assigned to support the 2nd company.

 And what is his modified Storm Talon

base kit is Dark Talon. Lower tail wing removed, lascannons were replaced with assault cannons from the Land Speeder kit, missiles will be IG missles on a rack (3 per wing) and also rocket tubes.

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