Saturday, March 15, 2014

Where the $%*^ have we been and whats new?

So its been a while since any of the three of us has posted anything. Entropmancer has been working on his Knights and Technomajestic has been doing some amazing GS stuff work on his miniatures.  Hopefully they will be posted shortly.

Me? I have been purchasing stuff for my next army.
Pictured (from the top): 4 scout bikes, Storm Raven, bits (Mad Robot miniatures HeadsAnvil Industries Optics and accessories  and GW bits), sandbag walls from valuegear details, a Dark Talon to be converted into a Storm talon, 25 bolter/ melee/ shotgun scouts, 5 sniper scouts, 2 Land Speeder Storms, various basing material from Secret weapons miniatures and Army builder, 4 FW drop tanks 5 FW bombs (I am pretty sure these are knock offs :( ), 6 CMK 1/48 Hydra Rocket pods, 3 FW Heavy bolter tarantulas, 3 lascannon tarantulas, and Dreamforge eisenkern stormtrooper accessory set. (not pictured is an additional 15 melee/ bolter/ shotgun scouts and 5 snipers scouts)

And what is this For you ask? Raven guard successors Raptor chapter (From Forgeworld download):

The Raptors (Progenitors: Raven Guard)
One of the few known successors of the Raven Guard, the 
Raptors maintain a spirit of independence, with their individual 
companies often spending centuries apart developing unique 
tactics and strategies that are later reincorporated into the 
Chapter’s flexible combat doctrine. Even amongst such expert 
marksman as the Adeptus Astartes, the Raptors are rightly 
famed and feared for their ability to place lethally accurate 
bolter fire onto enemy units, a skill often practised from 
ambush to devastating effect.

Strike from the Shadows (as per the Raven Guard Chapter 
Tactic in Codex: Space Marines): Models in this detachment 
have the Scout special rule. In addition, on the first game turn, 
models in the detachment have the Stealth special rule. Note 
that units which contain models with any variant of the Bulky 
special rule do not benefit from either rule.

Legendary Marksmen: Any unit with this special rule that does 
not move in the Movement phase of their turn may choose 
to gain the Rending special rule when firing in the Shooting 
phase of that turn with boltguns, combi-weapons fired as 
boltguns or bolt pistols.
When using this rule, all boltguns, combi-weapons used as 
boltguns and bolt pistols fired are counted as being Heavy 1 
weapons instead of Rapid Fire or Pistol type weapons for that 

and here is the first model for the army, 10th Company Chaplain Lipton, Instructor of the Creed 

and to show a Mad Robot Miniature head on a scout body 

Stay tuned

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