Monday, December 9, 2013

Imperial Armour 2 my Review

So my Imperial Armour 2 - Second Edition arrived today. After flipping through it some, I am overall happy with it. Compared to the original I feel it has less vehicles, But the vehicles that have been removed are already in the proper codexes. Rhinos, Razorbacks, etc have rules in the codexes so no need to double print them but contain descriptions, fluff and and stories about them. The 2nd Edition focuses on the FW vehicles, Lords of War, Relics, and flyers. The biggest change I have noticed is the Repressor for Sisters of Battle/ Adepta Sororitas- Top hatch allows 2 models to fire out of it and 1 model per slit (3 a side) can fire from the sides. Another noticeable change was my favorite Land Raider, the Prometheus was moved to an Elite option....and no orbital strike. Mortis dreadnoughts (start with dual missile launchers but can exchange for opther options) are in the book and gain skyfire .....with lascannons...O_o....  Relics are limited : only saw 3, upgraded (Plasma weapon and conversion beamer) demios predator, Scorpius Whirlwind, and Fire Raptor....The large Sicaran Tank (may be one or it should be with its accelerator auto cannons), and 3 tanks as Lords of War....BIG TANKS AT THAT Fellblade, Typhon, and Cerebus plus the Thunderhawk. Probaly the vehicle I was hoping for greatness was the Land Speeder Tempest but was a little disappointed in...not a flyer :(. But the Javelin is in it.  Probably the best thing about it this update is that every vehicle is available to Codex: Space Marines, Codex: Dark Angel, Codex Blood Angels, and Codex Space Wolves using the rules from the is book.

Also in my order was the FW decal sheet for my Crimson Fists....OMG is that thing is is an 8x11 sheet of decals!

Overall- If you were lucky to get one of the limited run books congrats.....everyone else hopefully you can pick it up early 2014

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