Saturday, March 22, 2014

Well that lasted long...............

So discussing the upcoming campaign the 10th co Raptors were going to be fitting into a future campaign. And I realized that running the raptors was not going to before it starts it finishes. But with everything going back to my Crimson Fists means that army will be closer to personal goals of a full Crusade Co, Full 5th and full 10th companies. Plus with the Sentinels of Terra Supplement I'll have elements of the another Company  (probably 2nd, I want to  use the Special character Sgt as a count as Vet Sgt Huron Grimm).

and speaking of supplements.....I downloaded the Storm wing formation, Kill Team, and Stronghold assault data slates......Kill team  looks awesome I see my Converted Stern guards appearing as my kill team.

But I need to add a few more members to this squad to be my kill team...

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