Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What to do now?

So digital codexes.....hmmmm

So as the time of writing of this I have 3 digital codexes:

-Codex: Adepta Sororitas (favorite of the 3 but I'm biasis)
-Codex: Inquisition (nice)
-Sentinels of Terra (yah....about that)

So I do like digital codexes. In fact I'm writing this on my tablet because I wanted to read the fluff in the SoT book. But side tracked at the moment. So quick discussion of the books I have & what I have I have planned for the future.

Codex Adepta Sororitas is a great codex.....ok thats a lie. Its a 6th edition codex for sisters. But as SoB player it is nice compared to the other ones I have had. Acts of Faith need to be reworked as they are 1 use now blow. Points overall not bad, repressor update from FW will help the army once IA2 gets released soon. But the immolator needs to be fast again with the heavy flamer load out. Celestians suck...melee act of faith with no melee weapons.

Codex Inquisition is nice. Bring an Inquisitor to the table for some fun cheeky shennigans like entropmancer is planning with his 2 jokeros Dunston and Clyde....or the nasty thungs I want to do. Best part no need to field grey knights to field an inquisitor and they are cheap....before gear, warband, ride....255 pts of shooty flamey death yes please but hmmm.

Sentinels of Terra.....I really want to like this book, but at the same time it makes me sad. So much potential so little payoff. Granted there is some stuff I really like but some I just hate. I plan on using this as a variant list for my Crimson Fists as they are an Imperial Fist successor chapter.  The ugly- more centurions......assault centurions are elite and fast options and devastator centurions are elite and heavy options....yah my army won't field them ever. More ugly....planetstrike and city fight rules....I dont remember when I last played city fight or planet strike.   The bad- not a siege list....and that is the IF's thing! More bad, sgt with captain stats not wargear that him and his squad become an hq..,, really. The good- the new chapter trait, twin linked bolter class weapons at half of maximum weapon ranges.  And the librarian relic is sweet too, additional warp point and rerol failed psyhic tests!

Wih that said, now what? I was toying with building a Red Hunter marine army. But in the end, I asked why? To ally with my sister's was not enough for me. I have lots of goodies on thier way to me including a storm was going to be my witch hunters ride but I think Kantor and his boys in blue want it more. My land raider I was planning on building for my witch hunters other ride may be take over to make "Rynn's Might" but the lack of rules for the terminus ultra pattern makes me wonder if I should build it. And I have more units I am adding to my crimson fists. Need to finish buying 128 member crusade company,  finish the 5th and 10th companies.  AND PAINT DAMNIT! Plus I have to acquire 8 more repressors for my sister's......

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