Saturday, October 12, 2013

Review time: The Army Painter Warpaint series Part 1

WAR009 here with another product review.

So I purchased some new paints but yet to use them till today. Ok I  used some for eyes and such but today I began painted some primed Adepta Sororitas figures in anticipation of their new Codex release next week.

My Adepta Sororitas army is painted as the Order of the Bloody Rose (see image below)

So after looking the line at The Army Painter Shop, I decided to go with Dragon Red (it is also available in spray form) as my main color. After checking my FLGS,  I was able to buy the paints and can of the quickshade (Soft tone...Review at a later date) from them.  

Ok the bottles are sold in .6 fl oz/ 18 ml eye dropper bottles (similar to vallejo) for @ $3.00 a bottle. so price is good compared to GW, but will last longer do to the GW pots going bad quickly for some reason. The eye dropper is interesting to me as it allows me to limit the paint in my pallet (yes you'll need one to use the paint). The paint does need to be shaken VERY WELL before use. I heard people are dropping one 6mm airsoft plastic BB into the paint to help shake it (this is something I am going to attempt to do, also).

So far I I painted 2 models in the Dragon Red and used 3 drops....a lot less than I would have used in Red Gore. Now the red is a lot lighter than I would like but this is all pre-quickshade so it should darken.

The Army Painter war paints is a very nice alternative to GW paints so far. This is not a surprise as the company was created by former GW employees. They offer multiple shades, and 100% match from paint pot to spray paint.....which will be really nice if that is true.

Back to painting I go......5,000 Points + Sisters wont paint themselves....I wish they would

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