Wednesday, October 9, 2013

16 years

         So Entropmancer has been playing longer than I have. I started late 2nd edition so 1997. Of course the first army I had was the space marines from the box set. After a few games I saw a box sitting on display at a LGS (Game Depot when it was by ASU) and was intrigued....Sisters of Battle. I saw the price and was shocked...99.00 for 5 Seraphim, 7 sisters of battle in one squad and 5 in the other, a banner bearer, and the cannoness. Also included was decals, Banners and a relic. But no Codex in store. I was at a mall a few days later and they had the Sisters of Battle Codex at the GW cart...FOR $19.99. I bought the codex and began reading was marines light but had cool things marines did not. I went back to the LGS and bought the Box set a few days later. Here it 4 editions later and 16 years have passed...and I look at the armies I have built, played, sold, collected, bought etc....Lots of power armor, lots of marines in those 16 years but one constant and entropmancer even laughed a few months ago when he was over....a pile of books was on the table and it was every rule set the sisters had. 16 years of playing sisters of battle. 16 years I watched them win, lose or tie. I have lost every model, watch models be captured (damn Entropmancer and his Dark Eldar in 3rd ed), watched an Exorcist get launched into a Immolator (thanks to Entropmancer's Greater Daemon of Khorne). But I also have watched Ravenwing lose before their 2nd turn, watched Zealots kill 16 Khorne Bezerkers and 8 Khornate Bikers without taking a causality, Sacrafice themselves killing an Eldar titan. My Sisters of Battle have one of the Dark Angel's The Book of Secrets (funny story....Entropmancer knows it). 16 years almost 200 models, multiple rhinos, repressors, immolators, exorcists. Many stories of their battles and characters.....16 years worth.

As the pre-order approaches for the ebook version I find myself excited. I don't like the ebook format but it is the Adepta Sororitas, Sisters of Battle. And I will still field them foreseeable future.

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