Friday, September 13, 2013

Where have I been?

Hello all, War009 here....been AWOL for a bit.

So I played 2 games with my GK paladin list a while back and both were wins but have not played 40k in a while since then.....busy busy busy...

So the new Space marine dex dropped which means cash was dropped. Unlike some one else I won't name I really didn't buy much.....during the release weekend.  Just the dex, new Libby and some paint. As larger as my army is I don't need much. Tuesday came and I bought 2 new tactical squads and a stern guard box.  New tactical squad is amazing! Thanks Gw! But gah that stern guard box sucks a stern guard box. Yes you get all the gear and crap (love the bare heads) but I play CRIMSON FISTS....not G FUNK P DIDDY Bling being the marine player I am I am taking the 25 marines kit bashing them throwing a few models in and making a 3 tactical squads (6 man for now eventually 7), 5 man stern guard and something else....hehe (entropmancer knows).

For now pics of the 3 Stern guard I have converted so far:

 My favorite pose...slicing the Ork

And punch you in the face


Also I noticed that my 6 other stern guard squads all have a dude pointing...I don't know why...this one won't I hope.

Ok pics aren't working .....again I'll fix them later...

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