Thursday, September 5, 2013

Forgeworld.... why are you so scared of it?

Entropomancer here, I've started to notice a trend around in my area and in my personal gaming group, a fear of forge world. Why so serious? I personally like forgeworld, it adds units that fit how you imagine your army to be.

Lets do the numbers, at least for my armies

Iron Hands; With my body dysmorphia boys, A dreadnought is the apex of a marine's career, so why not a contemptor? I plan on having 2 in my army, one will be an ancient veteran, the other is the actual clan master.  hyperious batteries, due to the love the boys have for automation, and a land raider Proteus to represent an ancient vehicle, sound fluffy to me eh?

Iron Warriors: No contemptors (anymore), the only forge world in this army is a Decimator (deamon engine to go along with the other 5) and a squad of breachers. I know breachers are not in modern 40k, but I brought it up to my group and it was okay ed with some caveats, (no grav, volkite, and other pre heresy tech)

Eldar: The only thing I have of Forge world for my Elves is a Wraithseer, I wanted to do the least amount of living models to represent a undead army in 40k (sorta)

Dark Eldar: Nothing, I am slowly moving to a carnival of flesh army, so nothing in the forge world catalog calls out to me, the 3 main things they have (the reaper, Tantalus and raven) don't scream coven units to me, therefore, I won't pick them up.

Chaos Daemons: nothing really, I can use the Decimator in my Daemons but A. my daemons are supposed to be a support army, not a stand alone list, and B., doesn't look the part, and it is painted in Iron Warriors colors .

So in closing. Forge world adds some wonderful flavor to a Warhammer 40,000 army,
I can see the point in tournaments, (keeps special rules down, players sometimes have little access to forgeworld books at the moment.)
But in friendly games? I honestly think it's jealousy or fear of the unknown.
And what will be the excuse when FW will be available on GW's main site soon?
what do you all think?
Questions?Comments? Death Threats? Get in line...

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  1. I think it is a product of the tourney mentality, where players jealously watch the power balance and fear anything that might upset their ability to win without thinking. Because this is the most common voice online, it infects the community. The sad reality is that forgeworld stuff point for point is slightly less powerful, as they would rather overcost units than overpower them.