Thursday, August 29, 2013

Things I like: The venture Brothers

On of the shows I have a bit of an obsession over is the venture brothers. This is due to many things, ranging from the Bowie references, the lampooning of 60's cartoons, and the very broken characters.

At first, I watched for the lampooning of cartoon conventions, such as how you can antagonists whose minions cannot seem to intentionally harm anyone, yet are still seen as a real threat, or how after a massive battle with all kinds of munitions flying around, noone ever gets more than a few scratches. They have an answer for that, it is the agreement abided by OSI and the guild of calamitous intent, where, so long as noone violates the terms, noone really gets hurt.

later I watched because of the plot where the COBRA stand in, SPHINX, was revived by disgruntled OSI agents. My favorite part of that was where the obvious Hunter S thompson parody gets a sex change, and then reverses the sex change.

Right now, I watch because the plot has developed to such a point that the characters have evolved beyond their origins as simple parodies of 60's cartoon tropes, while the plot has grown to include so many sub plots that each episode is easy to enjoy watching multiple times, as you see details you missed the first time.

I look forward to more episodes, where the childhood relationship between Dr Venture and The Monarch is further explained.

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