Thursday, August 29, 2013

How do you type with metal hands? Dictate.

New Marines!

Hello everyone, Entropomancer here, and the hot topic amongst my group is everyone's favorite benchmark, Space Marines. You have all seen the pics, read as much of the rules you can find, and planned your lists from Aurora Chapter to Silver Skulls.

As of me?

If you all recall, or can scroll back enough, I am an Iron Hands fan. Ever since way back with index astartes article, my chapter of choice is the body dysmorphia boys.

My first attempt was unfortunately lost to a house fire, and my temporary loss of love of the game. (watching all your hard work have smoke damage and warping does that)
My Second attempt was a Forge World monstrosity list that for a lack of a better term, was unhappy with. So when I was between jobs, it was pay the car bill  or keep the boys, the choice was obvious...(the car)
My third attempt, and hopefully the last (as in keeping them,) is underway.
I so far have: a contemptor,
 a land raider proteus,
 a tactical squad,
 and a storm talon.
with my preorder about to be paid, I will add:
Centurions, (I like them, so eat it)
a stern guard box,
a tactical box,
obviously a codex,
and a thunderfire cannon.

Should I start with a Librarian, or a Captain for my first commander, My Master of the forge might take a while.....

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