Thursday, July 4, 2013

"massive painting project," the minis library, and inspiration for future projects

Usually I am good at posting every week or so, but Entropomancer and I were working on a massive painting project, namely painting his in-laws old place so that he, his old lady, and our friend Johnny could move in, and that and the move took the better part of the last two weeks, so sorry for the delay in posting.

Recently, one of my friends decided that, since his minis were collecting dust, I paint/convert most of his models, and whenever he plays, it is usually with me involved, he decided to give me his minis. What we ended up deciding was to treat the models and my collection as a "library" of models, since they are enough to have three or four 3k+ forces of marines. What this means in the short term is: My flesh tearers successors will have reinforcements in the form of three additional bikes, which will be combined with an attack bike and two melta guns to form another mobile devestator squad, plus an additional assault squad anda crapton of death company, at least twenty strong; for the chaos forces it means a moderate detatchment of world eaters consisting of Kharn, two eight strong 'zerker squads, a ten strong squad of world eater csms with bolters and rhino, a land raider with mine flail( destroyer blades), and a defiler with power scourge and additional power fist.; in addition, the chaos marines will be reinforced with fallen dark angels, and corsairs, quite possibly painted as red corsairs, or a smattering of loyalist color schemes with loyalist iconography defaced like previous iterations of red corsairs. Lastly, there will be the start of an Emperors children detachment consisting of a ten "man" squad of slaaneshi raptors.

This development, the lord of skulls, and the new stuff for the wall of martyrs set have given me some serious inspiration. the lord of skulls has inspired some possibilities foe making a second Khorneate defiler, using the skull thrower, or whatever the skull flinging cannon arm is called, for part of the battle cannon, and using the bare face foe the head of the defiler. The vengeance battery has inspired a couple of leman russ conversion ideas foe A.I.M. pattern MBTs for what will eventually become a traitor guard detachment, with the battle cannon barrels being used for leman russ vanquishers, and the punisher cannons being used for a leman russ punsiher. That having been said, if the group is cool with it, I might use one ot the punisher cannon barrels and a land raider to make a lernean pattern land raider, swapping transport capacity, the assault vehicle rule, an the fron access point for a hull mounted hades autocannon. with this, I would swap the sponson lascannon for twinlinked heavy bolters.

Once I make more progress, I will post some pics.

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