Saturday, July 13, 2013

Countdown to the apocalypse...

Well the doomsday closk is relentlessly ticking down towards "midnight," that is, our massive, 20,000 points per side apocalypse game. Forces are being marshalled, alliances are being forged, and the forces of the traitor legions will march out to confront the lapdogs of the corpse emperor and their Xenos allies....

That bit of drama being done, it is time for a bit of an update.As of right noe, the tide of mutants and dissidents are the major stumbling block for getting the alpha legion assets complete and ready for the game, there being over a marine battle company worth to convert and paint. The good news is, once I get them to " not embarrassed to show them in public" quality, then the remaining time before the battle will be spent on detail work and basing models.

On the apocalypse theme, I have to say that I am rather excited by what I have seen so far. The insertion of rules for rewarding players for taking breaks is a nice touch, especially when we tend to take breaks when playing larger  battles anyways. the tweak to victory points, and how they interact with strategic resources adds a new dimension that makes the outcome of a game uncertain until the end. The change to destroyer weapons means that they no longer ignore to wound or armour penetration rolls, but are still the rightly feared weapons of mass destruction.

What makes me the most excited is the "new" templates. The 15 inch blast marker sounds like a great counter to reinforcements, or even just a way to erase that annoying 50 man IG blob creeping towards an objective... The apocalyptic barrage template is my favourite, since it is a large blast version of the second edition thudd gun template. Once I get a good read of the book, i will say more, and my favorites might change.

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