Monday, June 24, 2013

petty hate machine....

Soo, I was looking at facebook today, and a buddy posted a link to an article by spikey bits that lead to the bols lounge ( for me, the maryvale of the 40k internet), and in the comments, someone was whining about the masters of the chapter being  another marine release, and saying " doesn't gw know they have other factions?"

apart from the sheer stupidity of saying this when the last three and a half codices were either xenos or daemons, or the fact that the only marine stuff for loyalist marines since the start of sixth was dark angels, the problem seems to be the irrational hate that stems from the fact that, as entropomancer said when I pitched the idea for this article, they are hating because it is the internet, and noone will slap them for it.

Well, I think we need to do some slappin'.

My response to the mouth breather who is unable to remember further back than two weeks was this: " apparently, daemons, tau, and eldar are now space marines..."

While this mild as tongue lashings go, I think the sheer simplicity of the statement illustrates the sheer stupidity of complaining that an army is receiving " too much attention" when three other armies got shiny new shit, and that very army the person is complaining about hasn't had a new release since the beginning of the previous edition.

Sure, in previous editions, some armies seemed to languish in obscurity while others got all the attention, but this is a whole new world, and, so far, GW has been pretty fair in spreading the love. So far, we have had an average of one codex every two months since the start of sixth. with the end of the first year of sixth heralding the update for apocalypse. Contrast this with previous editions where a good year had up to three codices released, usually with only a few new kits released. For me, this means that patience is needed, and it won't be long until everyone has a sixth edition codex, since if GW keeps this pace, it should only be two years for everything to be done.

So, let's start telling the Internet hate machine to turn off the echo effect, and start backing up their whining with facts, or shut the hell up.

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