Sunday, July 21, 2013

The red Death...

So, Today I wanted to create an article that both shows off one of my armies, and demonstrated a way yo paint red well, so here goes:

The first step is to basecoat the models white. I did this using ceramite white, thinned down to a milk like consistency. after that layer dried, I thinned the ceramite white a little more, and gave the models a second coat.
After that, I painted on a layer of Khorne red, using the same technique:
Once that had dried, I shaded the models with devlan mud:

Once that step dried, I overbrushed the models with skorne red:
The one on the left has been overbrushed, the one on the right has only been completed to the previous step.

I then washed the models with carrobourg crimson, then drybrushed the models with mephiston red:

Here are pics of death company marines with the red finished and the black areas painted, including the black saltires:

I went with a reversed color scheme for my death company because I am building an all death company force to compliment my marines in a team tourney in Jan, and my flesh tearer successors' armour is predominantly blue. that, and i am tired of painting predominantly black models.

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