Saturday, June 22, 2013

My grey knight WIP

Hello Fans,

War009 here with a Grey Knight update.

So I have been working on my grey knights that past few days and did some actual painting too....amazing I know.  Unlike most grey knights that are silver scheme mine are black like the old WD image shown here

Now as we all know test figures matter, and being that GK have access to storm ravens I converted my storm raven pilots in to GK (head, torso, shoulder pad with chapter logo)

Notice he does not have the small shield so I paint his personal heraldry on his shoulder pad...he is still a techmarines...and yes I do like the blue agave full throttle energy drink

Upon testing that figure I started my first paladin the next night

I took Friday night off as it is my day with the GF but resumed painting this morning.  In an attempt to paint to a table top standard (yah less detail work than normal) but look good on the table top I began speed painting the rest of the paladins squad (an additional 6 guys). All were primed black previously so I did the eyes first (enchanted blue wargamer paints) shoulder pads, weapons, joints, vambraces, vents and chain (silver wargamer paints), and then any icons, wording, bits and weapon parts (scorpion brass GW).  I decided to call it a day there but need to do the red and whit iconography, black touch up, necron dry compound, then black wash figure. After that ill do the purity seals and Matte seal the figure and finally hit the blades eyes with ardcoat and they are ready to be based.  So they should be ready for basing on Monday....if I figure out what I want to base them as....grass, desert or snow....snow maybe cool


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