Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting out to play!

War009 here fans!

Well Saturday I finally got out with the guys to hit a game of 40k. It's been a year since 6th Ed came out and well I only played one game previously so what do I field but my Grey Knights (DraigoWing). It seriously took me about 12 hrs to build a list I was content with, my sisters of battle takes 5 minutes and I'm usually very happy with it. Unfortunately most of my Grey Knight stuff that is built is terminators. So during the adventure to go to the gaming store (Murphy's Law was in fully effect Saturday), Technomajestic, entropmancer, and young pup Johnny finally started gaming. After strange sheninigans and pulling weird crap I did go 2-0-0.

 Technomajestic and I had a very slow moving game (to much damn terrain and bad mission setup) but the only real damage was caused by Draigo killing Technomajestic in melee then the soul grinder in turn 4. Both of us were kinda feeling out our armies and next time I don't think I'll be do lucky against him. (Mission score was never confirmed cause slay the warlord & first blood on the same model was bad enough)

Entropmancer and my game started with me saying " I may demand a mulligan if this doesn't work). I started my turn with 5 Grey knight Termies on the board the Paladins were deep striking. Yah no mulligan needed but damn was it close. At one point it was 9-0 in favor of entropmancer and ended 4- 0 for me (sheer luck I tell you!)

I learned something in those games:

-blight drones means I need a flier or 2
-lascannons are needed greatly
- build my damn models (20 power armoured grey knights and dreadknight)
- strength 7 sucks against armour 13
-remember all my damn special rules

With that said my Grey knights are getting some new toys (I already have 2 unbuilt storm ravens, and 2 unbuilt razorbacks for them, but also getting 2 dreads (nemesis force weapon/ psycannon load out and psy rifle dread), grey knight land raider redeemer from forge world, and hopefully one or 2 more stock land raiders....1 will be stock the other A GK terminus ultra for apocalypse only.....

Have a great day

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