Monday, June 10, 2013

I thinky I have the camera figgered out.....

Here are some work in progress shots:

Here is my third draft prototype for the "A.I.M." pattern rapier. this one features a quad heavy bolter and siege shield, though the latter is purely cosmetic.

 Here is my daemon prince of nurgle, he is the culmination of two different attempts at a daemon prince that worked out better when I combined them.  He will go back and forth between my death guard and nrgle daemon forces, depending on what I want to run.

 Here are my flagello-servitors, i use them as spawn:

Here is Squad Firewulf, some of my Alpha legionnaires with mark of khorne. They are "disguised" as space wolves in order to infiltrate/ give space wolves a bad name....

 Here are a few shots of ancient Alpharius: he is equipped with a power scourge and reaper autocannon

 Here is Pugg'sleth the eternal undergoing a facelift:

what do you all think?

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