Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A few thoughts

I have had a few things concerning the hobby lately, and wanted to share my thoughts, and want your feedback.

The first thought is concerning how often you see people pimping Privateer press whenever there is a discussion of GW. My problem with this phenomenon is not so much that someone is pimping another company’s product, but that it is always the same company. Add in the shenanigans some "Game stores" were pulling when death from the skies sold out, and it looks a bit fishy. Then again, I might be a bit paranoid with this.

 What do you all think, is this a bit of cutthroat marketing of a kind that might be bad for the community as a whole,  just overzealous fanboys acting like asshats, or a bit of both?

my next thought is the recent issues that Bols and Natfka have had. For me, it does not matter if it was merely a bit of a foulup on the part of google, them being shut down, or somewhere in the middle. For me it is a symptom of a significant problem facing the community,  namely the conflict between players wanting news and GW needing to protect itself from threats to its IP.  I think that both sites have been pretty bad about overstepping the bounds when it comes to releasing images well before release dates.  To put this into perspective, if your flgs released something a day early, they run the risk of not getting shipments for a while. GW does not have the same recourse when it comes to blogs so they do the next best thing and report them to their host.

This seems like a rather simple case of the sites managing to get ahold of information that should not have been available to even retailers, yet they had it and put it on their sites.  Since some of their IP problems stem from people not affiliated with GW in any way manufacturing product that competes directly with GW, but using GW IP, it stands to reason that GW would be careful about not providing info regarding releases until they were ready for the street.
I could be wrong, and if you all have a different perspective on this, say so in the comments.

My last though for this post is about an upcoming event where Entropomancer, War009, three of our friends and myself will be getting together for a massive, 18k per side game of apocalypse this fall. Part of the event will be a series of preliminary games where the winner earns benefits for their side. War009 will be commanding the forces of order, at the head of his Crimson fists. They will be joined by our friend Johnny's Space wolves, and our friend Shawn's Tau. The forces of disorder will be commanded By Entropomancer and His Iron warriors. They will be joined by my Alpha legionairres, and our friend Derek's Black Legionairres. We will be using super heavies, plenty of fortifications, and much fun will be had.

As usual, any feedback is welcome, agree, disagree, oar provide some suggestions/requests for articles.

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