Sunday, March 31, 2013

Now, for something completely different...

Usually I post about what has been bothering me, but today, I want to talk about something I Like. I have been happy to see that many others are as fed up with the constant need of many 40k players to find something wrong with 40k. I have even seen an article on natfka where the myth of Aussies paying more was debunked. I think this is what the community needs: a perspective not fixated on finding reasons to spew venom at those producing the games we enjoy, but people looking to share our hobby. The biggest reason it makes me happy to see the response is that the responses are reasoned responses, as opposed to the "echo machine" posts that provide noting more than repetitious, often fallacious arguments that only serve to make people unhappy.

This, combined with a return to 1st-2nd ed design means that so far, 6th edition is the best to date. Hopefully the trend of telling the "haters" to take their  whining where it is wanted will continue, until the knee jerk whining stops, and we enter an era where complaints are based in reality, instead of an endless pursuit of reasons to justify their persecution complex.

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