Monday, May 13, 2013

The Big game, and What I am planning to field, and My Trip to Forgery World!

Hello all, Haven't posted in a while, life does that to you.

Anyhow, it's time to talk about my current army I am prepping for our big apoc game this fall. My Iron Warriors. We are still discussing the point cost of the game (3v3, 5k to 6k a player) so I am building to a 6k goal, just in case. So this is what I have so far

Here we have my Warsmith/Chaos Lord, a Deamon Prince, and my undivided sorcerer, still need a lot of work, mostly the sorcerer needs some imperial embellishment removed and some paint for all

Here we have my main sorcerer, with his spell and combat familiars. He is pretty much done, his pets need some more paint though...

 Next up is the terminator body guard of my warsmith, need a little cleaning, and they are good to go

 And now for my over painted raptors, I think they need a bath and less blood next time...

My Tzeentchian Marine squad, usually the bodyguard of the sorcerer some clean up on the hazard stripes and good to go

My undivided squad, some washes and good.

And my Khornate squad, some shading and highlighting on the blood to give a more realistic look.The blood isn't applied in combat, more a ritualistic rote before battle

My defiler, known as the Medrengard class Myrmidon Assault robot, needs a lot of paint, but    I am extremely pleased with the conversion

My Contemptor Class Dreadnought, and my Siege Brute. I ordered the Contemptor on ebay, it is a forgery, but all in all, it is a well done one. won't do it again though, feel kinda weird about it.

Another siege brute and a Decimator engine, next to a Mauler fiend.
The Decimator is another ebay forgery, ordered it from someone in the states thinking it was legit, but when I got it... the detail is perfect but the material it was made of is very, very, brittle.
The Siege brute is an old old model of mine, got it as a gift from my dad about '93, and it has been in every army I've played that can take a dreadnoughtish model...

My Contemptor once again, with the ringleader of the metal procession, Maddox the Iron singer.
Maddox is about finished, the contemptor needs some washes and his hazard stripes to be finished, and his basing hammered out

My Land Raider Proteus.
this is not a forgery, picked it up from battlefoam, was used to make a cut out for foam, got it CHEAP! (80.00usd, so not really)

Now onto my allies, IG!
Here we have (L to R) my primarus psyker, My iron hand Stracken conversion, and my sly marbo count as. (real forgeworld as well, one of the few kreig survivors of the housefire)
Since Stracken does not have a command squad, he will sit out of the big game.

Platoon command squad, designed to watch from afar and put it's two cents in. 

Squad Alpha
Plasma gun, and Sgt. with 2 plasma pistols
why not?

Squad Bravo
Grenade Launcher and Sgt with a single plasma pistol.

Veteran Squad; flamer, H flamer, melta and demo trooper upgrade for extra oomph, the goliath is a stand by until I find a better Harker model.

And now for my what if part of my list.
If we do go to 6k per player, they will be added to my list.
Here we have my two heralds of tzeentch.

My herd of eighteen pink horros
need to figure out the rest of the paint scheme to finish them

A pack of flamers
did a green and yellow scheme with purple flames on a whim.

The begininig of my screamer pack.
I like how they changed with the new rules, work well for what I want them to do,
just need to pick up some more of them. (was thinking nine)

And finally the Burning chariot.
Our group decided that he can move and fire without penalty, like they brought up in the white dwarf.

So, that is what I have so far, with my Legion Breachers on their way from the UK, I have only 530 pts left to make the list 5k or 6k.
Was thinking a LandRaider Phobos for the terminators, or 3 chimeras and another infantry squad,
what is your opinion, my fellow viewers?
This is Entropomancer, signing off.
Good Night, and Good Luck.

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