Monday, December 31, 2012

Why are you even here?, or If you hate the game, why continue to make yourself so unhappy?

A trend I have noticed is where people comment on articles related to 40k, and bash the game, Games workshop,  try to pimp a different game system, or a combination. The problem is, they fail to recognise that, they are not speaking to a recpetive audience.

By definition, a site that publishes articles about game X  is one where fans of game X will congregate, an audiences that is not receptive to bashing comments directed at their game.

One of the more common complaints concerns GW's policy about releasing information, and the knee jerk reactions that assume that GW is some sort of illumanati conspiracy to ensure misery of wargamers everywhere.

The problem with this view is: Occam's razor.

Since there are more reasons for the policy that are completely legitimate reason than there are ones that involve the company being any form of "evil empire," and they are either equally plausible, or more so, and require no other explanation,it is unreasonable to believe that the policies are anything other than the company protecting its, and by extension, our, interests.

yet, the trend persists, prompting the question, If you are unhappy with the company, and you hate their game, Why are you going to a site dedicated to them and making yourself miserable?  How about finding something that makes you happy?

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