Saturday, January 12, 2013

Review time it is

Entro here,
time to review some odd ball models!

First up is Defiance Games Panzergrenadiers!
16 models for 30 bucks? not bad...
the models were orginally going to be released in August '12, but something happened in the business,
and I didn't receive my "preorder" until January '13...
The original design called for hard plastic, but these are trollforged I believe, a weird plastic resin hybrid.
feels like old GI Joe rubberish weapons, My minis came in two types of it, a dark grey, and a light grey.
Center models and casualties are the dark grey "stuff"
it is not bad, the dark grey version, for larger parts, good detail, easy to shave and trim, and cuts like a dream..

on the smaller bits though you get alot of this
the barrel of this LAW/Panzerfaust is so mismatched, that it makes the inner German in me cry...
onto the light grey...

Ah! out of focus Soldiers!

the light grey is very... rubbery,
I thought it was a horrible thing...
but when I saw the bent MG42s, and thought "hey this kit is horrid, all the barrels are bent"
but I was able to bend all the mg42s in the light grey straight without hot water or dark magic.
I was impressed
but the light grey seemed to have some detail loss compared to the dark grey.
A UAMC, A PZG, and everyone's favorite professional  single lady

Scale: Closer to true scale than say Games Workshop. better proportions too.
I was planning on making them Chaos stormtroopers, but I'm not sure anymore
Price: Once Defiance work their bugs out with the company, sixteen beautiful full armored badasses for 30 bucks? not a bad price.
Bitz: A lot actually. 16 torsos, 16 backpacks (my favorite part IMO), 18 helmets, 12 unhelmeted  heads,
16 legs (various poses) 6 mg42s (four with arm attached) 4 AT launcher (2 with arm) a smorgasbord of rifles and carbines, one prone mg42 gunner (one piece model, a horrible cast for mine though), 3 one piece casualites, and sixteen diamond plate bases? sweet. and from what I've seen, you occasionally get some freebies if you order from them (I got two UAMC marines, the not R.Lee Ermey MSgt, and a Dolph Lundgren look a like, and a pack of 24 bases)

If I would give them a letter grade; B-, awesome concept, but maybe sticking to hard plastic (the UAMC have less detail but no flaws), or rebuild the molds for you new material (if that is the issue).
once the company is back in stride I will pick up some more models (the bugs and wurms)
Tune in later for my Zombie review!

Comments? Complaints? Death Threats? Get in line...

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