Wednesday, December 26, 2012

tales from the Mek's workbench.

As you all know by now, I am an avid hobbyist, and I am constantly tinkering on one project or another.

Right now, I am working on painting/converting a Black legion force for a friend, which has inspired me for a few projects, some nearing completion, others just barely in the planning stage.

One of the things my friend wanted was for his helbrute to be armed with a reaper autocannon, which prompted me to go rooting around my bitz box in order to find the right parts for the job. In the process, I found: An extra dreadnought missile launcher, extra autocannon bitz, and two spare lascannon mounts for a dreadnought, one with the lascannons removed.

This inspired me to re arm my dreads, one to have twin lascannons and missile launcher, the other to have reaper autocannons and missile launcher. these will be short term projects, as I currently only need to distress them, add some chaos gribblyness, and paint them.

Another part he wanted was for me to take the obliterators I converted and pare them down to three obliterators, and use the rest for spawn. This was fairly simple, as I used chaos spawn bodies for the basis of the covnersions. Doing this, and working on another project my friend wanted, namely converting a cultist champion to look like a fallen tech-priest, inspired me for a longer-term project.

I am planning on making corrupted combat servitors, to be used as chaos spawn for my growing alpha legion army, the idea being that the alpha legion would use whatever was handy to get a mission done, and corrupted servitors fit the bill.

So, my question here is, How often do you all find inspiration by working on a hobby project?

(BTW, comments are not only welcome, but encouraged)

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