Sunday, December 16, 2012

Tactics time!

So, Entropomancer and I were discussing Infinity, and The idea of creating what we call threat vectors came up. i decided that it would be a good idea to discuss them, and how to employ them.

To start, a threat vector is any portion of your force that creates enough of a threat to your opponent's plans that it needs to be dealt with. For example, In my caledonia force, my Mormaer and my Cateran are two threat vectors, because both are capable og causeing siginificant problems for an opponent. My mormaer achieves this by being armed with an AP hmg, his armor, and sticking to cover with a commanding view of the battlefield. My Cateran ahcieves the status by virtue of climbing plus combined with a T2 snipe rifle.

Both are units I fully expect to be taken out before the end of the battle, since I intentionally use them in a manner that forces an opponent to eliminate them or risk severe casualties attempting to cross open spaces.

To clarify, these units are my threat vectors, while my five man link team of volunteers, despite including one with a hmg, thus making it a threat to advancing models, is not intended to force my opponent into making decisions favorable to my force. They are intended as a means of punishing an opposing force when they focus on my threat vectors.

What units do you all use to force your opponent to make decisions favourable to you? How do you use them to achieve this goal?

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