Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sometimes it's better to watch.

Yesterday, I got together with two friends, Dustin and Derek for a game of 40k, and I

ended up not playing, since I was the only one that had played 6th edition (This was

Dustin's first game of 40k). I still had a lot of fun, since I was helping them learn the

rules, and a few points had some improbable results.  To begin, the game was 900

points, since that was all dustin had without loading everything down with all the

wargear we could give. Dustin played Dark eldar, while derek played Chaos

marines. SInce the goal was learning the rules, we decided that the game would be a

simple "bashe each other about the head and shoulders" type mission where the only

goal was killing more of the oppposing force than they kill of yours. The fun started

when derek rolled "multiple boons" when rolling for gift of mutation for one of his

champions. In the end, the champion ended up with a whopping six boons, and that

was only because he rolled a duplicate. later in the game, after killing all of Dustin's

Incubi with cultists and bolter fire, Derek's noise marines opened up with a twenty

minute guitar solo, and Dustin's archon failed his shadow field save on the first

wound, meaning that he ended up with an additional nine ( yes, nine) unsaveable

wounds, meaning that his point eared sadomasochistic drug abuser was turned into a
psychoactive red mist from the metal awesomeness erupting from the sonic

weapons. Later, Derek's lord issued a challenge to Dustins Hekatrix, winning the

combat, derek then rolled on the boon chart, and his power armored death metal sadomasochistic drug abusing

pervert proceeded to turn into a twelve foot tall, warp fuelled power armoured death metal  sadomasochistic drug abusing

pervert, as he managed to roll the result that turned his lord into a daemon prince.

At this point we ended the game, as dustin's force was severely depleted, and lacked

much that could deal with a monstrous creature that also had a 2+ armour save (

from the gift of mutation ) that also had a 4+ invul, and had a stateline full of rape.

Even though I did not play, I had a lot of fun, especially because I enjoy geting to

teach others how to play the game. My two favorite parts were when Dustin Killed derek's helbrute, and the look of glee that resulted, and the moment a little later when He lost one of his raiders and it proceeded to kill most of derek's cultists, and a handfull of Chaos marines as a result.

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