Monday, October 22, 2012

Chaos "reviews"

    While I try to take what passes as tactica articles online with a grain of salt, lately there seems to be a desperation amongst even those who are respected to place the new chaos codex within a narrow confine of "meta."

    For example, the repeated stating that the banner of despair is worthless, because marines are immune to fear. This is problematic because not every plaer plays marines, and the banner provides +1 to combat resolution. To contrast with marines, to get the same ability ( +1 combat resolution) costs five points more, and only two can be taken in a detatchment. Contrast this with the csm, where nearly every unit with a mark of nurgle can take it, and you see a major benefit in close combat. This becomes even better when combined with veterans of the long war and plague knives.

There are other examples of this thought process, such as calling a 1 point increase in price anything other than marginal, especially when the cost of champions is much less. Or calling chosen "expensive" when their cost has gone down, since the point cost for 4 plus champion is the same as the previous codex cost of 5 without champion, the heavy weapons are cheaper, in fact, the only option to increase in points cost is two lightning claws, and that takes into account the additional base attack. There was one person whining that they 'lost" fearless, a usr they did not have.

Some ofthe complaints, I am willing to chalk up to the effect of both getting a new edition of 40k, and a new codex, but that only goes so far. The rest sounds like players that have not realised that 6th edition is one where "meta" is too fluid to really comment on.

And that's a very good thing.

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