Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Am I missing something?

While I appreciate the fact that Games Workshop is updating faq's,  I am disappointed in the content of the chaos daemon update, and what it implies. maybe it is because I am not a tourney player, but  it seems that having to say that all the units in a codex use the army wide rule, including those in an update, or that those with a usr gain the benefits of the usr , means that players are either dumber than dirt, or are attempting to use any loophole to either deny opponents any advantage their codex provides, or gain unfair advantage.

Could someone explain why GW now has to say that units from a codex are part of the army contained within? Or why people have no problem with splitting hairs in order to gain/deny advantages?


  1. Someone has not given up on BoLS yet? You really should stop looking into the warp unshielded my friend, its power can turn even the most humble chaplin in to a raving bloodthirsty devotee to khorne.

  2. The problem is that I see this sort of thing on other blogs, and I think that my issue is that clarifying that a model from a codex is subject to that codex's rules was "needed.".