Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Banish Ye foul Daemon

So with the new Chaos Space Marines now out who's playing chaos......not this guy.

I tried to build a list, bought some stuff but it is not me.  I traded it for some Grey Knights (woo hoo 400 pts for 5 dudes!) and in the slow process of building them. This wont be like my SoB or Crimson Fists army as I am running a Draigowing style army (I love me some 2 wound termie Paladians).  But this post is not about that it is about the details.

So as small as this army is how detailed do I go?

THE MODELS: So far I know my Paladians will have tabards, and lots of long purity seals around their halbards and hanging off their armour. My Purifiers will have tabards also. The rest of the squads not so much....easier to identify on the table this way too.

THE BASES:  I am also thinking of doing the "Ruined Temple" resin bases from Secret Weapons and adding skulls & Chaos glyphs painted into the floors or doing their "Corpse Field" bases with putrid water or bloody water on them....thanks to 2 of my opponents playing Nurgle. Bases for both the Dreadknight and Stormraven would match the infantry.   I am considering putting magnets on the bottom of the bases to but this will probably be dropped.

 THE ODD DETAILS:  Plus I am considering adding spent shell casings on the bases too (once again Secret Weapons) and Bolter muzzle flashes from armourcast....this may over do it.  I think on the Ruined Temple these would look great giving the bases a very evil feel as the Grey Knights are in a chaos temple and throw in so random Chaos daemon bits for fun (those fugly "not" lesser daemons of KHORNE).

THE TOKENS: And a cool little company named silver compass designs does tokens for armies......and they take custom orders.  They have 3 Grey knight sets but some in each of the sets I will never use.....only cause I never plan on fielding those units ever. As a side note the do have Dark Eldar pain tokens in 3 pieces that form one full pain point

 THE STORMRAVEN: I know I will eventually have a flying goldfish of retardedness (or 2) but I'm not sure if I order another Chapter house upgrade kit for it....was not really impressed with mine from the original run.

THE DREADKNIGHT: The turducen is so freaking ugly but I want mine to look like Mike L's (heavybolter on dakkadakka) Dreadknight as seen on dakkadakka, beast of wars, and his blog tiny warriors.  It looks like a massive Grey Knight TDA.

THE  CASE: Easy Battlefoam


  1. Overall, sounds good. I would avoid chapterhouse, as they have lousy product and worse customer relations. Their rep was extremely rude on Heresy online. I think your skill at conversion/scratchbuilding is more than sufficient to make what you want. I think taking a cue from your storm talon might be a good way to go.

  2. Yah my first run one is pretty warped/ bad molding etc

  3. Yah my first run one is pretty warped/ bad molding etc

  4. Considering the eldar abortion they called a warlock on jetbike, I think it is indicative of their overall quality. Their rep even had the gall to tell people on heresy that they needed to see it in person, as if that changes the fact that doing so requires a purchase. That statement, and the shoddy workmanship you received tells me they are not worthy of my money.

    I've been thinking of the turducken, an think that a massive re-sculpt of the chest is a good way to go, once I get an idea for filling it out, I will post it in the comments, but right now I am drawing a blank on the best way to go.

  5. Ill see if can add a picture of mike lopez's amazing dreadknight