Sunday, August 28, 2011

Post game thoughts....

New Dex thoughts:

On paper and as previous postly posted looks great, but games have been played and the models are tending to thier bruises, wounds, and armour to that is in need of repair.

after 2 games, I went 1-0-1...not bad not the greatest

Important points.

St. Celeste (or as entropmancer refers to her as Whack-a-mole) is an aboslute monster (compared to the rest of the army) in melee...worth it.

Shield of Faith is a nice...granted it is not the 3+ invul save that cost an Act of Faith but it standard 6+ invul save through out the army....And yes I made some and failed some....good

AoF system- I rolled 1's and I rolled 6's, but as a whole the limited acts of faith are helpful but not overpowering....good

Immolator......umm yah....crippled and uneffective in one game....and crippled and uneffective the next game....I miss it not being fast already but I can live change which is ok by me

Seraphim...the good- 2 shots with pistols, AOF, Angelic Visage rules.....the Bad-Honestly the I3 I figure would be the biggest thing.....nope did not bug me at all...(due to fighting Dark Eldar and Tau) but the stupid s3 ap 6 hand flamers.....against Nids it will be good against everything else not so much..

I still need to reconfigure the army to my needs and try other units but I like the list and the army so far....

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