Saturday, September 3, 2011

STALL....STALL....Pull up Pull up

Odd title strange picture.....WTF.....well if you remember the start of my project =][= "blackbird"...well you must be the only reader

besides the 3 of us that write this blog, but back on topic so I stalled on my Stormraven project for multiple reasons:

1- GK codex don't own it, Don't want too...(same goes for the BA dex)

2- Time issues.....I don't have it

3- this goes with #2, I don't have time to play 40k or wargaming for that matter

4- chapterhousestudios.....

5- Infinity is more fun

so I just ordered the final piece for the piece for the "blackbird" which unfortunatly like most new modern military aircraft isdead on the ground, cancelled, Senate budget pulled the funds for it, grounded and consider it an X-plane

so back on topic....but if I ordered the new part and no plans for it in 40k.

beautiful kit, not bad price, but now for the idea.....dropship/transport for terrain objective and eventually hopefully rules.....but it may work it may not....but it is an idea...thanks to CHS it is one I am wanting to do again....

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