Saturday, August 27, 2011

Heretics be Warned Sisters are here!

Sistes of Battle have landed....and my thoughts


bad things: NO- Book of St. Lucuis, Cloak of St. Aspira, Jumpack on the Canoness, 2 wound Sister HQ (ok this one is not that bad), blessed weapons, hand flamer str3 ap6,

Good things-Free Veteran sisters, cheaper units, NO =][= units, Confessors priests are back, awesome well pointed special characters, command squad can have melee weapons :) acts of faith more streamlined and limited, Repentias may be worth it, and so much more

to show the difference:

Previous dex (my perfered SoB squad)

14 models- Heavy flamer, meltagun, frag grenades, Veteran Sister Superior with Book of St. Lucuis and meltabombs = 214pts

Current dex (same squad)

14 models- heavy flamer, melta gun, and meltabomb on the sister superior 208

6pt difference

Seraphim- both 8 models Seraphim (Veteran sister superior) Superoir armed with twin bolt pistols meltabomb, and the squad has 2 twin hand flamers

Previous: 205

Current: 170

Thats a Difference of a RHINO.....

St. Celeste.....(now know as Saint Alana Janelle of the Order of the Bloody Rose for my purposes...see above) has dropped 86 points.....which down right scary cause her rules are far more scarier than they once were, but the down side is unlike the Canoness she does not have her own "Act of Faith" and she does not have the USR Hit and Run like before...

Some stat lines have changed but overall I am very happy with things....but after tonight we will see...But IT IS A NEW DEX so who cares.

For The Emperor of Mankind, Purge With the holy Trinty of Bolter, Melta, and Flame

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