Thursday, August 4, 2011

Doc butcha, power armor, and other asweomeness

What gets you excited about wargaming?

For me it is all about the hobby. By that I mean that it is more than getting together with someone and fighting out a battle, but the whole shebang, putting together models, painting, making up an army list, and fighting a close fought, brutal battle where the victor has earned their victory.

                                    The "Orkamessia"  my "counts as " buzzgob

If I had to pick one thing, however, i would say that it is converting miniatures. I do not have a single army with an "out of the box" model.  In part I enjoy this part because I can do it regardless of whether I have the time to play, or if my friends have the time, i can snap out a few models, and get my fix.

Here are a few of my more recent projects, sorry for blur, I am still figuring out the camera.

"Avenger"  My Baal predator

                                         Timmaaagh!! My scratch built Mega dred

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