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Giddy as a NUN?

From the Blog by Blood of Kittens:
And one SoB players viewpoints so read on Fellas,

From Blood of Kittens
As always let us start with the easy ones that pretty much everyone figured was going to happen.

•Allies gone (never used allies with my SoB so really no effect for me, but makes me happy none the less)

•Inquisition gone ( You are the weakest link good bye! The Inq was always a crutch in my eyes expensive for their use and overall not worth the points.....except for the Land Raider....that i never used)

•Faith streamlined (Can't complain....the rumors sound good so far....)

•USRs updated to 5th (ABOUT FREAKING TIME!)

•Cheaper Unit costs (better include RHINOS, Frag greandes....etc)

So let start with the big one and perhaps most controversial change to Sisters of Battle: Faith

I was amazed reading around the Net how quite a few people are pretty close to understanding how Faith is going to work. One caveat about the faith rules: I only have most of the story so let us hope someone else can pluck the rest from the aether. The only thing that really stays the same is only faith producing units can use faith. Gone is the over and under rules based on model count and gone is faith powers that everyone can use. It is replaced with every unit has its own unit specific act of faith to call upon.

So for instance Repentia Act of Faith allows them to always land an attack even if they are killed before they can swing. They are little bonuses like re-rolling to wound and hit, no USRs. Now this if fine and dandy if you just pop a faith point and bam! power goes off, but not so fast. Acts of Faith require that you roll 5+ to activate . This makes faith much more unreliable… maybe. In addition every unit that can get faith generates 1d6 faith points per turn. This also means that a new faith pool is generated each turn with no storing of past faith. As well faith can be activated in multiple phases of the game, so for instance you can re-roll to hit in your shooting phase or in your assault phase. What is not clear is a few things. Like how many dice can you throw at a single act of faith? How many times can you attempt to activated a power? If you get an act of faith to go off in one phase does it carry over to the next phase? If you fail an act of faith does that mean you cannot try again in another phase? I don’t have the answers, but what do you think? (repentias now have a use....and if every FAITHFUL unit generates 1d6 faith points (which in my 1850 army is all of them) at minimum of 8-9 units.....THAT a whole lotta Faith)

Random tidbits
•All Faith generating units get +6 invul save (heee 107 models with at least a 6+ invul save)

•All units that can get transports get Immolators or Rhinos (hmmmm)

•Assassins gone (Death Cult still in) (EDITED FOR MULTIPLE SWEAR WORDS BY OP not that I used but still)

•Wargear with the same names as GK wargear stay and get changed over. (e.g. Psybolt Ammo) (ehhhhhh....saw that coming)

•Karamazov gone (SO this just proves the laziest man in the universe is not part of the Ecclesiarchy but part of the INQ)

•Priests in, pretty much same as before. ( DUH......they are in 3 dexes why change what is not really broken)

•No change to the general Bolter, Melta, Flame concept of the Sisters (Wow GW did not try to reinvent the wheel)

Sisters have about 5 HQ choices including Special Characters ( Missionaries, Confessors, Canoness, Palatine and Repentia Mistress or something like that......or if i was to write the Codex would be the HQ choices.....)

St. Celestine: Same price as a Grand Master you get 2+/+4 saves, WS/BS 7 Jump Pack, Fleet, Power Weapons always wounds on 4+ Has the power to come back like GK Thawn if killed. (HEHEHEHEHE have to finish mine)

Confessor: Takes the slot of the old Inquisitors. Cheap HQ (Warboss). Can create a henchman band using most of the henchman found in the GK codex. What makes the Confessor extra deadly is the ability for it to re-roll hits and wounds for her and the squad. This is the translation of the rumor matrix. So think for one second about her and the Death Cult together? ( good thing I have 9 death Cult Assassains......but that is different I do plan on fielding a Confessor unless they have rules For Arch Confessor Kyrinov then OH YAH)

Repentia: Cheaper close to SM cost. FNP, Rage, Fearless, 6+ invul, no transports (Giddy.......)

Battle Sister Squad: Cheaper 10-20 unit size (no combat squads), but has access to Immolators which begs the question… Immolators either get increased transport capacity or Sisters break the rules concerning model count and buying transports. Multiple acts of faith. (no change for me unless........)

Exocists: Pretty much same as before. ( I was hoping for something a little less random but.....)

This is it for now gents and dames. If you have any questions let me know I can see if can get them answered sometime this week with another post.
 i just need a flier for to paint, glue, build in a eager anticipation of this..... Later War009

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  1. it sounds pretty good, and like the sisters are getting their own 'dex without the inquisitorial garbage.

    If this is a continuation of the trend of codices, it bodes well for 40k