Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dishonesty, or are they eating paint chips at the tournament scene?

I have noticed that there seems to be a trend lately to hate on Games Workshop and their employees. Those doing it act as if they have been wronged, some acting if they ad their favorite puppy kicked by GW while being forced to watch their minis be melted down for scrap.

These people are full of shit. Period.

This isn't a matter of "fanboys" versus wronged customers. Nor is this, as those acting as if they have been wronged would try to convince you, a matter of a faceless corporation that ignores it's customer base.

it is a matter of childish jackasses that feel that t hey should have their army of the month provided to them free of charge, along with rules that allow them to win every game, plus a blowjob to boot.

The simple fact is that GW could not, and more importantly should not, give away their product. They are also unable to take a loss on sales. Nor can they allow third parties without the overhead that GW has sell products produced by GW without rules to regulate trade in order to preserve the value of their product.

This is because A) they have shareholders who have a right to expect that GW will make all reasonable efforts to make a profit on their business ventures, and B) Even if they did not have a legal obligation to stockholders, they cannot provide product for free or nearly free, as it costs money to produce.

This seems like fundamental economics, but many people posting on forums or in comments on blogs display an ignorance of these simple facts.

So, this begs the question: Are people that are able to do mathhammer( allegedly)
Really so ignorant of economics that they are unaware that product that needs manufacturing and shipping is something that is fundamentally unable to be provided free of charge, or are they being dishonest, and possibly have ulterior motives?

I say the answer is an unequivocal YES!!!

If you analyse their arguments, they are often full of fallacious argumentation, and often ignore the content of posts, such as comparing the cost of 40k versus other hobbies, and erring on the expensive side for 40k, and the inexpensive side for the other hobby.  each time, 40k is shown to either not be significantly more expensive, or , more often, less expensive, especially when used minis or discount sites are factored in. They then ignore te hobby aspect completely, failing to factor in that the hobby part of 40k is an intended part of enjoying 40k.
Then we get to the bashing GW as if they have personally attacked the poster, yet they still go to sites dedicated to a GW product, and post in threads dedicated to that topic.

Either they are up to something, or the hyper-competitive types are even more pants-on-head retarded than I thought.

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