Thursday, June 16, 2011

Giddy as a Nun! THE SEQUEL

More News From Blood of Kittens and my View points

It is that time again, thanks for reading and posting your questions. Let me start by letting everyone know I have no idea (or will never know for sure) about new model releases. I don’t know if the new sisters release will be resin or plastic or the numbers in the boxes, but like I said before my bet is on Finecast re-release. Now with that out-of-the-way on to new rules…

What is not in the Codex

•Repressors (Come on GW just release it already)

(ok......GW has been trying to kill them off for a while....)

The Units (more information than others)

Canoness: Here is my special shout out to the Canoness: you are terrible. I mean grossly underpowered. Now this is going to sound like a cop-op, but I am not going into details because my hope is that she will be changed before release. It just sounds and looks like she is an unfinished product. She gets her own retinue that cannot do anything; she starts out cheap, but her upgrades are expensive and lame when you compare to everything else. So here is hoping to GW getting her fixed. ( THis beeter not mean I am losing my Flying Nun of DOOM)

Repentia: Forgot to mention they have fleet (this is cool)

Celastians: Cheaper than a Marine, but not really anything going for them (that I know of)… extra attack. Re-roll hits for act of faith (i was hoping for ignore cover rounds or something but...)

Sister Battle Squad: Can still get a Heavy Flamer (This makes me happy)

Shraphim: They are pretty amazing. Cheaper than a Space Marine you get a Jump Packing, Hit and Running, and an act of faith that has them re-rolling wounds. You can also upgrade them to run with double hand flamers and melta pistols. They act both as an extra close combat weapon and become assault 2 instead of being twin-linked. So that means Assault 2 melta weapons. (Assault 2 flamers.......really.......i think this is just for the melta weapons)

Dominion Squads: Still get 4 special weapons. Act of Faith twin-linked. (Twin linked stormbolters....:) )

Retributor Squads: Pretty fantastic. CHEAP! Talking under Long Fang cheap to fully kit out. Expect the return of the Heavy Bolter with these. Act of Faith is Rending. (oh.......YAH now i need a second HVY Bolter squad)

Penitent Engines: Again fantastic. Same statline (Walker). No Scout or Infiltrate. Cheaper and can be a squadron aka 9 Engines. They still get the 1D6 attacks, but any wounds generate additional attacks (don’t know if they work like Blood Talons). 6+ Invul (don’t know if they generate faith) ( this kit is a nightmare...not as bad as the exorcist but something the size of a sentinel in pewter with arms....and now I have to actually build them......%#$@!)

That is all I got guys, if I get more will let you know. As always you can get a new developments by following Blood of Kittens

This sounds good...but there are things i want to know but only time will tell

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  1. because they are the closest thing to ork tech that the imperium uses, you can get away with scratch building a penitent engine, and probably come away with something much better.