Thursday, May 5, 2011

Survive and rebuild

If the worst happens and the dead start walking, will you be ready?

This is more than a fun way to pass time as a discussion, it has serious ethical implications in a nation such as ours, which has a tradition of citizenry rising up in it's defense. Do you have a plan for civil unrest, can you survive long enough to push the Zeds back so that the rebuilding can happen?
Preparedness is as American as apple pie, and is not too different to achieve.

On one level it is as simple as maintaining a simple kit of basic survival gear, lightweight, but sufficient for a few days to a week. On the next level, it is harder, because it is where long-term logistics, geography, and a certain amount of sociology come into play. Who are you going to bring with you? Where are you going how are you going to get them there, feed, clothe, and secure them?

This is where max Brooks' Zombie survival guide is an invaluable training tool. it outlines a basic thought process, and how to adapt and apply it to varying circumstances and levels of infestation.

Priority one is security, for this you need a means of getting away from the city.
In addition to a means of escaping the city, you need a means of defending yourself until you are away from major population centers.
Once you are away from major population centers, you will need a way to maintain your population, both by nourishing their bodies, and by maintaining their minds.

This last part is the most difficult, but also the most important, part of dealing with Zeds. Physically dealing with the Zeds is a minor challenge if you keep your wits, maintain your equipment, and stay secure. The emotional toll, however, can be extremely taxing, both due to the nature of the Zeds themselves, but also to secondary problems associated with a Zed infestation.

I hope I have introduced the topic for discussion sufficiently, so How would you survive, and where would you make your stand for humanity when the Zeds come?


  1. Double tap
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    address for the Us army zombie combat command

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