Friday, March 25, 2011

This week in jackassery

This week in Jackassery

This is going to be an ongoing feature that I am adding to the blog. I will discuss the stupid that seems to be infecting our beloved Internet.

This week I nominate those defending bad grammar and spelling for the inaugural jackass of the week.
This is a pretty common phenomenon on forums and blogs lately, and I think it spells doom for our ability to communicate other than with grunts and gestures. In addition to raping meaningful communication, these jackasses defend bad arguments solely because someone else criticizes the piss poor spelling and grammar of another poster.

I would like to point out that spelling and grammar mistakes are extremely easy to correct, in fact, during the process of writing this, I had a few of the dreaded red squiggles appear nder some of what I wrote. Guess what, I right-clicked the underlined parts, and corrected the mistakes. It took me all of a few moments, and my post sounds more intelligent for it.

Defending bad arguments because someone criticizes the bad grammar on a gaming forum is annoying, bur when the forum is political in nature, and the topic is controversial in nature, you have to ask; is the bad grammar a matter of a lack of respect for the potential reader, or is it a matter of ignorance ?

So, For crimes against language, fallacious arguments, and defending the bad ideas of the ignorant, those that defend bad grammar and spelling on-line receive this weeks jackass award.

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  1. By the way, runner up for jackass of the week was spikey bits for their terrible competition. They are promoting it on BOLS, and to be honest,
    the requirements are shady. They require that you buy from them, but do not ship outside the U.S., you can't make it any form of space marine, and did I mention that they require you to purchase a model in order to enter.

    This means that, realistically, you are limited to orks, imperial guard, and barring a third post about it this week banning it, sisters of battle. the rest are a bit out for conversions.
    having to buy an expensive model from them, one that you will not be able to use in a game other than apocalypse means that you are really just gambling, and when you gamble, you need to remember, the odds favor the house.

    Spikey bits would have been the jackass of the week, if they weren't already the douchebag of the week.