Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The cross is too good for him....

After a lot of thought about his statements in his interview with BOLS, I am of the opinion that Alessio Cavatore needs to have nothing to do with gaming. I feel that his timing in the "design change" is suspicious, especially how quickly it was reversed.
His statements are insulting, and full of fallacious statements that make me think that something else was going on.

Here is an excerpt from the interview:

(in case it isnt obvious the comments in red are mine, the bold is an emphasis that I have added)

Chaos Space Marines. Gav is innocent. I am guilty. I had just about started chanting my 'simple' 'simple' 'simple' mantra then and was most radical with the Chaos Space Marines. I probably would have been even more if it wasn't for Gav. This seems like he was saying that he was intentionally screwing things up for what happens to be a very popular codex. Too much? I guess it's a matter of taste. (so, wanting my heavily converted army to continue to be legal is a matter of taste?)It's true that we held back the Legion-specific stuff to leave freedom for potential future releases (that might or might not (More likely won't, and he was in a position to know this at the time of the codex, andat the time of the statement in the interview)end up seeing the light of the day...), but we also provided a sprinkling of theming, just enough so that is it is still possible to field very god-specific armies(that have one unit, from one foc slot). You see, the thinking was that the book should concentrate more on the Renegade Chapters (why? Isn't this like saying that "we decided to focus on homebrew chapters instead of our established ones?)than the Legions (look at the colour section...(rub it in asshole...)), and conversions and paint schemes don't have to be necessarily supported by rules. I understand how, once again to the most competitively minded players, those changes must have been unwelcome(what? So not only are you dismissive of legion players, you say that they are waac? Art though high, asshole?). And yes, I admit that the Lash was a bit too good... Bad us!

I think that by responding as he has, he is, in effect, saying that the wants and needs of those who have played long enough to collect a large force of chaos marines with extensive conversions to represent upgrades are just a matter of taste, or that lash is the problem with the codex.

This goes past ruining an otherwise great army, it seems like industrial sabotage, considering that he now heads a direct competitor to his former employer. I am not saying that Mantic is necessarily bad/responsible for his actions. What I am saying is that he was: in a position to see the effects of reverting the chaos codex to a third edition style, how that would affect his employer, and how that would provide an opportunity for a competitor.

i think that We, as a community, need to boycott Mantic games until Mr. cavatore: refunds the cost of all of the chaos codices he is responsible for destroying, he steps down and never, ever writes a rule for any game, bends over and kisses his own arse, and personally goes to every chaos player, still playing and those that quit, and asks for forgiveness.

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