Wednesday, March 2, 2011

=][= Blackbird

So I forgot to take picture from day one of the build start....but pictures so far


  1. Looks good so far, Adam and I were talking, And it seems that either using two engines or four quad mounted, two per side would be the best arrangement for engines. three creates the problem of internal space. since you want it to be midway between the storm raven and the thinderhawk, you will probably want to leave the intake on the top off of the finished product. the pilot/copilot arrangement sounds promising, I want to see it when you have finished that part.

  2. So far I am torn between the third engine, mainly due to the back ramp...the design I am going for is similar to the Inach-Sparta pattern Storm Raven on the Bolter& in the their W.I.P section. The quad engines may fit since the top will be kinda bare. No turret for me.

    I think the 2 crew configuration I want to do will give a nice flair where pilot will be front facing and the GIB will be facing toward the left when looking head on. With the armored cockpit off you will be able to see the GIB in his chair but looking through the rear ramp you will be able to see him working.

    I need to find a pedestal or make chairs for the =][= staff for the interior since it will be kinda of bare.....


  3. For the engines, I was thinking either directly under the engines that come standard, or slightly offset towards the wingtips. I think a round command pedastal would look great. take a short length of plasti-card tube, a tau drone top, and guitar string to "wire" it into the floor, and you have a hololith displayer. the drone top should have lots of gubbins on top, avoid using the smooth ones. assemble thedrone top on top of the tube, with the guitar string attached to the drone, leading down to the "floor," either put it on a base of plasti card, and then glue that into place, or glue it directly if you haven't made the rear compartment yet.

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