Saturday, February 19, 2011

Trolling, Why do we tolerate it?

Why do we allow the least mature amongst us to diminish the quality of our favourite sites?

Lately, the "first" phenomenon has gotten to the point that the first twenty responses to an article are just sequential numbers, such as first, second and, so on, or even dumber people trying to turn the comments section into some lame rp event. When they are not simply saying first, they are hiding it in the comment, and then there are a half dozen(if we are lucky) comments on how clever the troll was in hiding first(or the following sequential number)

I say that I have had enough. We can do something, and it isn't difficult, report the trolls comments as inappropriate. If the mods question it, tell them, the comment is inappropriate because it derails any discussion away from the subject of the article. Eventually the trolls will either stop, or have nowhere they are welcome.

Either way we win.

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