Sunday, February 27, 2011

By the Order of the Holy Inquistion: =][=

So I have recently bought a Stormraven.....While looking like a good kit but not really having the feel I want for my INQUISTORIAL warband (ordo all please). Now if GW released a Thunderhawk in plastic I would own a few.....4 Crimson Fists, 2 for my Sisters, 2 For my Inquistorial troops......ok Just 1 for the the sisters and 1 for the Inquistorial troops.
But My Inquistor needs to fly in style....Enter the Storm Raven deemed "Black Bird" and yes it will be black. I hope to combine a valkyrie and Stormraven to build the mini thunder hawk shown alove in the 2 images.
It will count as a SR with heavy bolters under the wings (twin linked) instead of the nose, lascannons on the stablizer wings above the main wings (twin linked) instead of the (ugh....WHY GW WHY) turret, and the Valkyrie missiles inder the wings on a pylon. STAY TUNED

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