Friday, February 11, 2011

Dork mechanicum

I have had a few ideas lately regarding the astartes and their equipment and their style of warfare. since they are supposed to be a rapid assault force, and heavy/ naval borne equipment goes against the grain of this style of warfare, i had a few ideas for additions to their armory to represent this:

Munitions drop pod: astartes drop pod armed with: pair of hurricane bolters, or thunderfire cannon, or typhoon missile launcher

my idea is that they would be 1-3 per heavy support slot, they roll together for reserves, but can deepstrike seperately

another idea is adding hurricane bolter sponsons to rhinos for 30 points, maybe in leiu of an additional storm bolter/hk missile, in addition they would reduce the access points to the rear ramp.

I have also had some ideas for chaos:

giving chaos preds the option of reaper autocannon sponsons for 40-50 points on preds (mostly an aesthetic choice) or havoc launcher sponsons for 30-40 points or heavy flamer sponsons for the same cost as the heavy bolters
other ideas for chaos preds is to give them a turret weapon that is strength 6or 7, small blast and ap 4-5, a kind of mini batttle cannon.

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